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The Coaching Process 

Your specific needs and objectives will determine the type of Coaching package that you might want. Generally speaking I work with people over 6, 9 or 12 sessions of 60 to 90 minutes. Appointments tend to be every two weeks or every month via MS Teams or Zoom, though I'm happy to work face to face if you are in South East England. I can also work with you on an ongoing open ended basis if required.  

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Discovery call

This initial call is an opportunity for you to discuss your requirements, and to fully understand what I offer. It's also a chance to ensure that we can work well together. Much of what makes coaching effective is the relationship between both parties so it's important that we both feel confident in this potential working alliance.

Contact me to book in this free confidential call. 


The initial stages of working together will focus on your context - what's the story and what's happening. If relevant it may involve exploration of your life beyond work and involve discussions of your personal and professional experiences.  It's a chance for us to identify and evaluate the relevant issues in an in-depth and meaningful way. 

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Coaching is dynamic and change focussed. As we work together we'll start considering your vision for the future - what are the possibilities?

We'll generate ideas and evaluate if they're the most appropriate way forward for you. Ensuring that these strategies are aligned to your aspirations is paramount. 



Once we have identified your objectives, and the best strategies, we'll focus on making an effective plan to help you achieve your goals.

That all said, the reality of coaching is that it's a responsive and fluid process, so these stages can be adapted to meet your demands and the specific circumstances that you're facing. 

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