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Whether you are looking to enhance your existing skills or you feel at a crossroads in your career, Coaching can provide you with a fresh perspective, support you to maximise your potential and allow you to achieve your objectives. 


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John Buckley

Helping leaders and professionals to gain new insight and fulfil their potential 

I offer Leadership and Professional Coaching for individuals, adapting my approach depending on your need and personal preference. I'll work with you in an open and exploratory way, helping you to fully understand your circumstances in depth. We'll identify your strengths and capabilities, as well as pinpointing blocks and barriers to progress. Coaching is both dynamic and change focussed, and through this process I'll support you to set meaningful goals and achieve your aspirations. 

With one to one coaching I can work directly with individuals, or I can be commissioned by organisations to work with specific team members. To learn more about the coaching process click here

For organisations and teams I offer group facilitation and consultation, with a focus on organisational values. My time as a Director in one of the UK's largest third sector providers cemented my view that effective organisations must focus on one thing – the people in them. I will help you create workplace culture where views can be exchanged openly, and where autonomy and creativity can flourish. I will tailor my approach to suit the needs of your team. 

I'm based in Brighton in the UK. I primarily work online, though I'm happy to offer face to face sessions to those in South East England. 


Working in a Senior Leadership position can be as challenging as it is rewarding, with multiple and complex demands a daily experience. 

Coaching will offer you a fresh and objective perspective, supporting you to gain personal insight and give you greater clarity regarding your objectives and aspirations. 


My experiences have taught me that understanding relationships are crucial to effective leadership. I'll support you to interact with others in both an authentic and purposeful manner.


Are you at crossroads in your career? Do you feel stuck but don't know what direction to take? I have experienced that myself and understand how this can takes it's toll on all parts of your life. 


 Coaching will give you an insight into your personal values, help you understand your strengths and give you

 a sense of clarity about the future.



Consultation & Group Facilitation

I work with organisations and teams to

help them analyse their collective aims and establish a values based culture.

My unbiased and objective perspective to the complex issues that your organisation faces will provide fresh insight. 

I also act as facilitator for groups, often supporting with challenging conversation or leading discussions to gather impartial information from teams. 


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Brighton, UK

07967 597768

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