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and Coaching

Whether you're experiencing emotional distress, feel stuck and have a desire for change, want to go on a journey of personal exploration, or need support achieving your aspirations,

I will work with you as you

overcome challenges, gain new insights, and create a more balanced and fulfilled life.


Contact me for a free and confidential 

discovery call.   

John Buckley

If you're seeking counselling or psychotherapy I provide a warm and confidential space to examine subjects that might be causing you difficulty, reflect on your past or simply a space to explore who you are as a person. It can often be a challenging process to choose a therapist, so please do contact me for a free discovery call or read more about my approach.


If you're after coaching I'll work with you to develop or enhance your existing qualities. Coaching is dynamic and change focussed, however I believe that development of personal insight is essential to creating and sustaining meaningful change. I'll therefore draw on my therapeutic training to help you understand yourself better so that you can apply this awareness to your professional life. If you want a coaching experience that delves deeper click here to book a call. Alternatively you can read more about the coaching services that I offer or learn more about how coaching works.

I'm based in Brighton in the UK. I work both face to face and online

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