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Therapy client 

"When I sought help from John, I was going through a very difficult period in my life. I felt overwhelmed by the external pressures and felt emotionally and physically drained. I knew it was the right time for me to start therapy and learn about myself. At the start of the therapy my life felt like a disjointed puzzle, and I didn’t know where and how to begin to put the pieces together to make the whole picture.


John helped me regain focus. He provided a safe environment for me to tackle some immediate and long standing issues, and explore my past. 


John allowed the natural flow of the meetings depending on what was in my mind that day. This often led new topics to emerge during the session, which seemed unrelated to the original topic, but explored my feelings in a varieties of areas discussed.


John treated me and my issues, which emerged at the course of the therapy, with respect, kindness and compassion. He challenged me when appropriate and utilised skilful ways of engaging me through short meditation techniques and various exercises. 


Client - therapist relationship is at the heart of John’s practice. I would recommend John anyone who considers counselling and therapy"


Coaching client (CEO disability charity)

" I hadn’t had coaching in the past and although I was open to this new experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The experience positively exceeded my expectations!


I am a reflective person, but John helped me make new connections in my mind which allowed me understand why I was feeling at a crossroads professionally and what options I had available. His approach also enabled me to be kinder to myself about the situation I was in. 


John’s coaching had a combination of thoughtfulness and kindness, mixed with the right amount of push - which worked well for me.  I looked forward to the sessions and I found I had a little extra motivation and confidence in my tank after each one!


Thank you for your time and support "


Therapy Client

" I have found John to be a warm, curious and thoughtful therapist. Not only have I felt incredibly held during our sessions, I’ve found out something new about myself thanks to John’s gentle challenging and often imaginative approaches.  I couldn't recommend him highly enough"

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