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Coaching Services

Many coaches focus primarily on a clients goals and performance outcomes, without paying attention the depth and breadth of human experiences that may contribute to our ability to realise our aspirations. 


My coaching approach is informed by my psycho-therapeutic training, and my professional experience working in senior leadership in the charity sector. 


believe by developing greater personal understanding it will transform your professional life and support you to fulfil your potential. Regardless of the sector you work in I'll help you gain fresh insight and give you a renewed sense of clarity, supporting you to achieve your aspirations. 

For more about how coaching works click here, or read more about the different types of coaching I offer


Leadership & Executive Coaching

Working in a Senior Leadership position can be as challenging as it is rewarding, with multiple and complex demands a daily experience. 

Coaching will offer you a fresh and objective perspective, supporting you to gain personal insight and give you greater clarity regarding your objectives and aspirations. 


My experience of working in senior leadership taught me that understanding relationships are crucial to effective leadership. I'll support you to interact with others in both an authentic and purposeful manner.

  • Improving self-awareness

  • Developing Leadership skills 

  • Stress management 

  • Understanding team dynamics

  • Improving work relationships

  • Challenging your assumptions 

  • Understanding strengths

  • Identifying blocks and barriers to progress

  • Clarifying aspirations

  • Setting meaningful goals 

Click here to understand more about the coaching process or contact me for a free and confidential discovery call. 

Professional & Career Coaching

Professional &
Career Coaching

Whether you're feeling that you're at a crossroads in your career or you want to progress in your current career but feel unable to move forward, coaching can offer you a greater depth of understanding about your circumstances and support you to find a way to progress. Some of the areas we may focus on are:

  • Improving self-awareness

  • Examination of personal and professional circumstances

  • Exploration of personal values and drivers

  • Clarify vision and aspirations for the future

  • Analysing strengths

  • Identifying blocks and barriers to progress

  • How to make decisions 

  • Achieving a better life balance

  • Setting meaningful goals

Click here to understand more about the coaching process or contact me for a free and confidential discovery call  


Consultaton & Group Facilitation

Consultation &
Group Facilitation 

I work with organisations, teams and groups to facilitate open conversations. I provide an objective presence that can lead to honest and often creative discussions. The nature of the service I can offer will be dependent on the needs of your organisation, and we can discuss your specific requirements in detail. Areas of focus may include:


  • Analysis of collective aims

  • Establishing a values based culture 

  • Support with change

  • Collective problem solving

  • Investigation and review of incidents

  • Continuous improvement

  • Increasing staff engagement

  • Managing challenging conversations 

  • Consultation with stakeholders

Contact me to discuss in more depth what I can offer your team or organisation 

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