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and Counselling 

It might be that you’re hoping to address difficult feelings related to immediate concerns in your life. 


Alternatively you may be seeking to explore and understand the experiences of your past, or simply reflect on who you are as a person.


I will offer you a welcoming and confidential space that will allow you to give voice to your thoughts and feelings. 


I offer face to face counselling and psychotherapy for clients in Brighton and Hove, and also offer online sessions. 


Contact me for a free and confidential discovery call or read below for information about how I work.


How I work

I offer weekly appointments to clients, generally meeting at the same time each week for 50 minutes. These sessions can be online, or face to face if you live in Brighton and Hove. Many clients also like a hybrid of face to face and online as it allows some scope for flexibility. In most cases I work in an open-ended way – which means we finish working together when you feel ready. 


Counselling offers a space to address issues that might be of immediate concern and that are causing distress. Where-as psychotherapy might be more long term, exploring experiences from your past, looking at unconscious ways of being and examining how you relate to the world. In reality there is much overlap between the two, and the approach we take will be directed by your needs as the client; often this will change as the sessions unfold.   


I take inspiration from the psychotherapists Carl Rogers and Irvin Yalom, meaning that I believe the most important aspect of any therapeutic intervention is the relationship between the therapist and the client. It’s important when choosing a therapist to feel comfortable with them, as this will allow you to feel that you can be open. An initial exploratory call can help with this. 


In terms of my style, I’m not the type of therapist that will act like a blank screen or sit silently nodding! I will share my thoughts and feelings with you in an empathetic, compassionate and sometimes challenging way. I hope that we will have a rich and meaningful relationship where you feel listened to and valued – this will create an environment where you can either address some of the difficulties you’re experiencing or perhaps even embark on a journey of personal exploration and growth. 


My approach is integrative, which means I may use a number of different psychotherapeutic methods. I’ve been trained in the following approaches; person-centred, psychodynamic, transactional analysis, existential, gestalt, cognitive behavioural therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. In essence this means I can adapt my approach based on the needs that you have as a client, and be responsive to the issues that you might bring. I have also learned from the experiences of the clients with whom I work, integrating their collective wisdom into my practice. 


I’m a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP), and I work within their ethical framework (found here). This means I receive clinical supervision from another therapist, and I am committed to continuing professional development. 


Therapy can raise a multitude of emotions and it can at times be challenging and unsettling. Yet it can also be joyful and rejuvenating, leading to a voyage of personal change and deeper understanding that can be hugely fulfilling. I hope to join you on this journey. 

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