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Single Session Therapy 

You’re not sure that you want on-going therapy, but you realise that something challenging in your life needs addressing?

Perhaps a one-off discussion with a trained therapist could give you a renewed sense clarity, and give you a fresh perspective? 

What is it? 

It’s as it sounds. A one-off session to help you work through a specific issue. It’s ideal for someone who wants to develop a new skill, talk through a problem with someone impartial or get support making a decision. 

Typically the session would last 90 minutes, though that is of course negotiable and dependant on the topic you wished to discuss. 


It’s important that the session has a clear intention, this will allow us to be focussed on the outcome you might want.  


That said, after this single session of therapy it might be clear to you that you might need to access further sessions as way to address your issues. In short, the door won’t be closed. 

What issues can I bring to single session therapy? 

Many things! 


  • You’re having relationship difficulties

  • You are thinking about a job or career change

  • You’re experiencing stress and anxiety

  • You have a decision you need to make, and want to explore all options

  • You having an upcoming event that is causing you stress

  • You feel stuck and wants a fresh perspective

What should single-session therapy not be used for?

There are no areas of life that can’t be discussed in a one-off meeting with me. Yet it’s important to understand that single session therapy is different to long term therapy. Certain issues (such as past trauma) may be better examined in the safe space of a long-standing therapeutic relationship. 


A one of session is distinct from a try out session for ongoing therapy (which you’re welcome to have with me if you wish) in that it should have a clear intention to it rather than being exploratory.  


It might be that affordability is a reason why you are considering a one-off session as an alternative to ongoing therapy. If that’s the case then you might want to consider the following services that offer low-cost therapy options:


The Rock Clinic (if you’re in Brighton and Hove)

Headstrong (if you’re online)

Image by Brett Meliti

Get in Touch

Simply contact me to arrange a time to have an initial phone/zoom call. This call will be a chance for you to give me an overview of what you want to talk about, and to arrange a time and place to talk. 

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