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My name is John and I'm a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor. I have Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Coaching. I'm a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). I work in private practice as a psychotherapist, counsellor and coach (face to face, and online), and part time as a therapist with the Rock Clinic in Brighton. I have over 20 years experience of supporting people to transform their lives and fulfil their potential. 

My Story

My career began in health and social care 20 years ago. I worked in the probation service supporting people with multiple and complex needs (such as mental health difficulties, substance misuse issues, homelessness and abuse survivors) to re-integrate into society following involvement in the criminal justice system. I also specialised in working with clients diagnosed with personality disorders who had come out of prison.   

Later I worked in substance misuse services where I became the manager of a residential drug and alcohol treatment service for many years. This therapeutic service supported clients with a history of homelessness recover to from addiction in a safe and supportive environment. I was most proud that we not only supported vulnerable clients to make meaningful changes to their behaviour but we more importantly helped them flourish as people. Managing this rehab taught me an invaluable lesson in believing in a persons capacity to change, and this work established my understanding of diverse range of a therapeutic interventions. 


Most recently I was a Director of one of the UK’s largest third sector organisations, Change Grow Live. The charity has a turnover of over £200 million, employs over 4000 staff, and is commissioned to provide services (such as substance misuse, homelessness and domestic abuse support) across the country. This experience of senior leadership has informed my coaching practice, giving me invaluable insight into the challenges many of my coaching clients face. This role also confirmed my view that effective senior leadership is primarily about one thing - relationships. I learnt that creating a workplace culture that allows autonomy and creativity to flourish often stems from the willingness of the leaders to critically analyse their own workplace behaviours and emotional responses to challenges. 

I started my Post-Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Coaching whilst working as a Director for this charity, before later leaving to set up in private practice as therapist and coach. Though a difficult decision to leave, I wanted to focus on my passion of helping people transform their lives and fulfil their potential. I have had both professional coaching and personal psychotherapy myself, and I have experienced at first hand how they can have profound effect on an individual.  


My other passions in life are freediving and swimming in the sea. Freediving has given me the confidence to explore my personal limitations; it requires self-awareness, and the ability to remain calm and focussed when facing pressure. The connection with water and sea brings me joy, and enhances my life.


Please do contact me for a free discovery call 

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